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PT. Gudang Pelangi Indonesia

Digital Properties

We build various digital products to educate, inform, and entertain the Indonesian youth consumers.

About Us

Establish since 2017, PT Gudang Pelangi Indonesia is an Indonesian company seeking to challenge the digital transformation in the archipelago. We build properties that capture the attention of the Indonesian consumers and aim to deliver high impact digital landscape solutions in Indonesia.

Our Board of Directors has over 28 years of combined experience in Digital Marketing, Software Development, and Management.


Embrace the youth, because they are the future.

By viewing for the past 10 years of Digital Growth in Indonesia, we have a dream to provide Indonesian youth generations something else to have. Yes, we are not the first. But, we have the chance and confidence to make a big positive impact on our generations from here and many years to come.


To facilitate the Indonesian community of its members, associates, and their families through the provision of a full range of highly competitive information, products, and services; in so doing, We seek to be the provider of choice for the youth community.


  • 03AUG 2020

    Software Engineer

    posted by PT. Gudang Pelangi Indonesia Status Closed

    Strong experiences with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, JSON, Vue JS / Nuxt JS, integrating Restful API’s, and understand UI/UX best practices.

  • 27MAY 2020

    Content Writer

    posted by PT. Gudang Pelangi Indonesia, Status Open

    Determining the proper article to be published in the website, especially the technology articles such as tips, trick, news and reviews.

Board of Directors